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If you belong to the lot of people who are looking for tips to write descriptive research papers, then this article should be an ideal read for you! First of all you need to know what exactly is meant by the term ‘descriptive paper’. A descriptive research paper is a kind of essay in which the writer is provided with the topic and he/she is required to give vivid descriptions for the topic assigned. So, when you get started with writing descriptive research papers, always keep in mind the topic, place and even which you should be wiring on.
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In the realm of formatting, Harvard format is not only the oldest but it also one of the most favored and approved formatting styles. One of the best reasons of writing papers in Harvard format is that it is acknowledge widely across the globe by a great number schools and universities. This is so because of the plainness of this style in referencing which facilitates tracing to a great extent. So, if you belong to the lot of students who are looking for articles which can give aware them properly about the Harvard format, then this should be an ideal read for you!

Some of the elements which the Harvard format comprises of include the header, distinguishing information, thesis statement, body paragraphs, in-text citations and bibliography. The header comprises the page number and the basic keywords extracted from the title. The title of your writing assignment should be at the top-left while the page number is supposed to be right aligned. The next page should contain the distinguishing information which should include the title of essay, name of the writer and the institution. All this information should be centered both vertically and horizontally.
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Before you teach yourself how to go about writing a thesis statement, it is important that you understand what it really is.

A thesis statement is actually a sentence and its purpose is to summarize the plan of your term paper. In simple English, it serves as guide for the audience as after reading it they understand what your term paper is basically going to be about. Also, this statement makes the framework of your paper according to which you can prepare your arguments.
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A paper is effective when it has a central idea/ main point/ main idea. So, it is crucial for a paper to comprise of a thesis statement. The arguments and statements that you state in your paper should identify with your thesis statement. A thesis statement is basically the sentence which gives your stance on the issue your paper is based on.
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Hey there, if you preparing your term papers or research paper than you will must have to write thesis statement as well. Writing an attractive and concise thesis statement for your term paper is very important as thesis statement has become a must written in one’s term paper or research paper. Any one of you is there who wants to read any boring stuff even for time pass? Off course not! Than you must have to understand no professors or instructors ever want to read a boring paper with rambling or irrelevant thesis statement in it. They are always looking for a term paper that can engage them in reading an interesting informative content; a paper that is overpowering and clearly expressed in a particular format.
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