Useful Tips On Writing a Thesis

Gloria Hamilton 23/09/10 9:57 AM

Before telling tips on writing a thesis paper I want to ask question from my readers that what they know about the term “Thesis”. Actually thesis is like an essay which is formal and it has arguments and answers to many hypotheses. Usually theses are written at academic level when students want to achieve degrees. First of all when you have made up your mind to write thesis so do start it with statements and then tries to elaborate that by giving significant details and examples to make your statement strong.

Thesis is also known as dissertation and this is considered as the central part of any research paper. This is the most crucial stage in student’s career because by writing thesis he can achieve his degree. Many students are afraid of writing this because they are not aware of the format usually. While writing don’t get confuse with the length of a paper because thesis varies from one level of degree to another. It all depends upon the standard for which you are writing about. Those theses which are submitted at doctorate level they are detailed and longer as compare to those which are submitted for undergraduate level.

The top most priority should be given to the number of words and thesis word count can be measured in terms of words, characters or pages. From one type of degree to another language of thesis varies and it can be written in any language or the language you have studied. The process of thesis is very interesting because it is the amalgamation of all data that is researched by students during the entire semester. Thesis has different stages like after selection of topic and its approval the rough draft is supposed to be submitted to the teacher and the research has to begin then. When talk about the thesis at doctorate level so it is checked twice and then oral examination is conducted by concern authorities then it falls in to the final stage and made available for students at university libraries.

Now some tips on presentation of a thesis paper and the first thing includes the title page which is the center of attraction of your thesis and this has to be designed as simple as it can but with some element of sophistication. After that other pages are written and the last page is the bibliography. Apart from that some prominent parts are literature review, glossaries, results, appendices etc.

When you are writing thesis so not to forget the style of thesis because it adds value to your paper and this varies from one institute to another. ISO 7144, ISO 2145, ISO 690 and ISO 31 these are few examples of international standard of thesis writing.

Now wrapping up tips here I personally believe that it is not an easy task for students to write a thesis because it is of limited words and need to be within the given instructions and format. So if you want any help you can contact us for your thesis paper anytime.

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