Why Should Parents Pay For The School Absences Of Their Children?

Parents are the main caregivers of their offspring as well as answerable for their well being whether it be emotional, physical or educational. If children skip school, it is the parents who are responsible for the reason that it is their responsibility to make sure that their children be present at school on time. More often than not the home environment that causes children to play truant starting school or carelessness on the role of the parent to find out that their children go to school habitually. (Brown, 2004)

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If the environment of home is devoid of emotional, physical plus intellectual fulfillment, the children look for it outside the house, thus getting involved into the wrong type of crowd as well not attending school to be with these people. However, this is not the case for all time. Sometimes the child be playing truant from school has behavioral problems and finds him or her misplaced in a class, which is too advanced for their mental level. Be child unable to find a place for him/herself in school and thus ends up not attending classes. (Ellis, Frey & Naar-King, 2004)

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In such a situation, once more it is the duty of the parents to observe that the child receives proper therapy plus be placed in a classroom environment more conducive and suitable to the child’s educational abilities. In extreme cases where rehabilitation and therapy fails to cure school truancy, the parents be supposed to take steps to either home school the child if possible or have then sent to a boarding school if both the parents are working. There should as well be Govt institutions for those parents who cannot afford to do so. (Gartner & Macchiarola, 1989)

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