This great mythology has been written in Rome and the author was Virgil and in total twelve books was published of his great art of poetry. The main character of his poetry was Aeneas and he was the one who discovered the city of “Rome”. The author has explained the whole story in a very dramatic manner and holds the audience to a greater extent. The language was simple and communicative in nature. The total volume of his poetry is divided into two different sections and the first six volumes describe the Aeneas life and his attitude and where as second volume from 7-12 explains the Trojan War along with the success of Rome. As the poetry describes the ancient Roman time and it was written in first century and the people of Rome regards Aeneas as their admirer and leader.

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Life of Aeneas:

Aeneas was a dutiful person and the character in this story is Dido, who is the young Phoenician queen, founder of the place Carthage. The relationship of both of these two was shown in a great manner and apart from that when Aeneas left queen and went away for the set up of the kingdom. In this world, he learned what happens to the souls of the dead. Most likely, it served as a future lesson for Aeneas. He wanted to know what will happen after death
and how we will be buried and what will be the life after death? He was interested to know about underworld things and was a believer of the point of view that good deeds will lead to heaven and bad deeds to hell.

The narrator also explained that Aeneas found his father (Anchises) underworld and he was told by him about the future of Rome. This can be read in volume VI of the book and it is as follow:

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“You are the only soul who shall restore our wounded state by waiting out the enemy. Others will cast more tenderly in bronze Their breathing figures, I can well believe, And bring more lifelike portraits out of marble; Argue more eloquently, use the pointer to trace the paths of heaven accurately And accurately foretell the rising stars. Roman, remember by your strength to rule Earth’s peoples – for your arts are to be these: To pacify, to impose the rule of law, To spare the conquered, battle down the proud.” Lines 1143-1154

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Anchises has told the history of Rome to his son and he did every best effort to maintain the pride of the Rome. Another important figure in the story was the Turnus who is a major player in the war. The standoff between the Aeneas and Turnus boils down to a duel resulting in death for Turnus and victory for Aeneas. Virgil uses Aeneas to personify the spirit of the Roman Empire by encompassing the scope of both Iliad and Odyssey. By allowing the underworld to open many aspects of Greek history, Aeneas is able to understand the importance of his family values, striving to fulfill his duty, or his mission, even though Dido almost prevented it.


In all 12 volumes you can experience every type of language and feelings which are expressing emotions and sentiments. You can feel the tragedy and the glory of that great time and it has become an important part of Latin literature.

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