History Term Papers- Ages Of Extremes – Germany’s Economic History


flag of germany

Germany has been a very strong country in terms of economy and throughout the history they have been good manufacturers and the producers of many things. Everything which has a pride it has a downfall so same thing with Germany happened and it has to face many ups and downs in the entire past. Germany was divided into many kingdoms and in principalities but still they have a strong government and control all over the country. The reason why Germans were so successful because of the strategy that they had adopted and also the principle of equality was their main focus. The concept of saving things or products came from Germans because they were keen and sharp in terms of economics.

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Industrial Revolution & Germany:

Germany was little bit unlucky when industrial revolution is concern because Britain first experienced that then later it came in Germany and everything got change with this revolution. From its birth some high level of competition is observed in many parts of Germany and government made their all possible efforts to make them effective. With the emergence of industrial revolution two different types of economies were experienced by Germany and that were on north and south belt. The northern has the natural resources and they were rich in that but on the southern state the concept of cottage industry flourished. The government of Germany had really worked hard in order to get whole country united and to make the economy of the region strong.

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Hitler Regime:

Before World War II, Germany was ruling by Hitler and the economy has to suffer some ups and downs because of the hard time and apart from that after World War I, the economy had to suffer very badly and Treaty of Versailles was not at all in favor of Germans. However, after World War II Germany was resulted in complete ruin because of the poor strategies adopted by Hitler.

After World War II:

  • Stability
  • The growth of economy
  • Employment level
  • Trade balance


When writing any paper on Germany economy or discussing its history so it is essential for a writer to examine all areas very well and also to have the balance between the history and the current situation.

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