American Studies And History

American Studies is an interdisciplinary field covering the study of United States. This field is also referred to as American civilization and encompasses the study of history, economics, art, literature, film, media, women’s studies, urban studies, and culture of US amongst many other fields. The American Studies has also been reflected largely as an interdisciplinary field on the institutional level by the American Studies Association in the last few years. American Studies has string connections in fields such as gender studies, ethnic studies and also post- or de- colonial studies. However, in the recent years, internationalization has become a popular theme on American Studies that recognizes the crucial scholarship regarding US relations with the broader global community.

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American Studies is taught on all levels of educational recognition and seeks to facilitate an understanding of US. The pre-eminent power role of the US at the beginning of twentieth century is often discussed in detail. The field explores a broad range of approaches for understanding the American society and culture involving different disciplines including politics, history, film, geography as well as sociology. Most institutional courses limit themselves to these disciplines as American Studies is certainly a vast field.

Institutions offering American Studies explore American history both in a chronological manner and specific areas which allows most students to concentrate on history which interests them most. In specific areas, American foreign policy, political protests, slavery, war, US presidency and penal system are mostly included in courses of American Studies.

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