Aristotle’s theory of Causation – The Doctrine of 4 Causes by Aristotle

The doctrine of 4 causes by Aristotle is fundamental to the way he studied nature and can be observed in his thought as well as exposition. The strong emphasis placed on the idea or concept of “cause” itself explains the reason for Aristotle developing his theory of causality also called the doctrine of the 4 causes. To Aristotle, a grasp of what a cause is and the number of causes was profoundly important to a winning attempt to investigate the world.

The reversible causation accords to the theory of four causes by Aristotle in the correlatives of inter-causation involve the fundamental kinds of causes that were proposed in Metaphysics as well as Physics. It is necessary to identify as well as understand the nature plus influence of his presupposition if we are to attempt to investigate the relationship between logic, the world and language. The theory was developed in order to learn nature also attempt to solve the big Why Question through a systematic theoretical framework of a conclusive, formal, material and efficient cause:

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  • Formal cause – account of what-is-to-be
  • Final cause – something for which a thing is done
  • Material cause – the original things out of which other things come to be
  • Efficient cause – that by which change is produced

To grant a simple example, of a man wishes to make a house; he can consider the material cause – building materials similar to cement, bricks as well as tiles. He can imagine the house in his mind, how it may be made with how it may look- this can be think the formal cause which is an account of what is to be. Then comes the well-organized cause through which the man becomes the primary source of change of the building materials. The final cause is characterized by the aim of building the house itself in which the man will live etc.

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