Each and every country has different norms and traditions and the art of education tells about the history and the achievements of that country. It is seen that all countries have their own past and they have separate identity from which they can be recognized by the whole world. The culture of the nation varies from one community to another and the purpose of having art education is to make the usage of past things and to study them for the present art. In 1960 this term was first used by John Dewey and he made the students motivated about this term and made them to take interest and to opt for this subject. Art education has become common in all communities and all over the United States you can experience art education. It is all due to the hard efforts by John Dewey. In America this art has given promotion and student accepted that art at great level and for the benefit of society many awards and rewards has been given to students. Many academies in Unites States have adopted that art and that’s the reason why it is liked by many students till today.

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The first thing in arts education was the study of the pictures and if we date back in history so in eighteen century we saw that this art of picture was observed and later in 1920 it got further popularity among students. This subject has become an important part of syllabus for many schools, colleges and universities all over the world. The education of arts is basically a very different kind of study and it involves the study of both visual and tangible arts. It is a vast field which consists of many sub categories and the prominent among them are sculpturing, carving, fabric designing, jewellery designing etc. it is a very vast field and article in arts education can comprises of any topic and each and every area of education has its own meaning.

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Performing Art:

As the name indicates performing art so this is the art which has the study of body and moving objects and there are so many types of performing arts such as acrobatics buskins come dance at the stage magic music opera film juggling, the performing art is very famous in the Asian countries. It is practiced well off screen before going on air.

Plastic Art:

This art is that type of art which consists of tangible items and those elements which we can touch and see like of architecture, ceramics glass arts, metal working arts etc. under this study of art work students can perform better tasks and they can come up with new ideas and can design some awesome art pieces by going through the history.

Visual Arts:

From the name of that field it is clear that this art is visual and tangible and the main area for study is the paintings, fabrics, poetry and hand made arts.

Creative Writing Art:

Education in art takes place across the life-span. As a result children, youth, and adults learn about art in community based institutions and organizations such as museums, local arts agencies, recreation centers, places of worship, social service agencies, and prisons among many other possible venues. Education in art also occurs in the home as well as through formal and informal apprenticeship programs.

Creative Writing Art:

Writing is the one way of communication and it can be written in different languages. So those who know this art of language they can earn good name in arts education.

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Those who have the best knowledge in writing, because writing has different forms it may be in the different languages those who have the art of writing are the people who knows the creative writing art.


It is not that easy to cover all fields of arts education because it is like ocean which has so much depth and it can not be summarized in just one article. Other major branches are media arts, historical arts etc.

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