Biofuels is the term which falls in a critical category of topics. Basically biofuels comprises of a different elements like of solid, liquid and gas substances of biomass. In this article I will be throwing light only on liquid and gas part and they are derived from biomass. It is observed that we can use biomass directly in order to generate the power and the usage of heating elements. According to research biomass consists of wood and it is a bad conductor. The big industries do convert the wood in to energy along with other substances which can produce combustible materials like of coal and the purpose is to produce heat and energy.

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Biomass is used in growing crops and in extraction of oil seeds and now days the high price of oil has raised the demand of biomass. As long as the replanting rate matches the rate of use the overall process of energy crop growing and due to this the combustion which take place is “green house effect”. Living thing like plants which takes CO2 in and to convert into sugar and starch and thus there is no net change in the level of CO2 due to these plants. Bio fuels can be in any form and when talk about liquid so it is like ethanol and bio-diesel and they are used mainly in transport, after that gas which is methane and the solids which produce energy for heating and power purposes. Brazil is the largest producer of sugar cane.

When discussing future of bio fuels so we can see the variety in energy and new technological equipments has advanced the process of producing the heat energy and the purified and the most completed form of energy is electricity. The bulk of local energy needs are for heating, and there is a range of heat production options at local level, including most obviously solar heat collectors, but also a range of bio-fuel options. Hence the future is good and it can lead to some high form of energy.

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