The Use of Academic proficiency in Research and Term Papers

Gloria Hamilton 24/05/11 12:58 PM

Students, I know research and essay writing is a very difficult task for most you. And particularly those of you who face problems in understanding the English language, writing it, is very difficult for them. This is the common conception since students usually tend to ignore the importance and the purpose of these research papers. Have any of you ever considered, what is the purpose of doing these research works? Do you actually learn some skills? Or are they just mere tests of your seriousness in studies?

When a student writes a research paper, innovatively or in the form of research or essay, he/she actually develops a lot of academic skills. A student develops a sense of organization and becomes systematic while writing research papers as they require proper time and resource management. Writing essays and research papers is no easy accomplishment. The management of time for the data collection process, outlining, writing drafts and editing draft has to be done properly. It may also appear very complicated and essential. Still, it would show that a student, who has gone through a proper procedure in research paper, will be able to develop responsibility as well as discipline and a sense of being methodological because he or she is being trained on managing the time and resources just to complete an effective and well-written paper.

The data gathering and collection part in research papers help a lot in developing a student’s sense of creativity. This is because gathering data from a limited variety of resource materials can be very tricky especially the material required for an exact research topic is very rare and hard to find. In this situation, the capability of a student to make the complete research paper or essay would depend on his or her originality. This also polishes a student’s hard work and patience in dealing with very difficult topics. Once a difficult topic is completed successfully, the student realizes that nothing is impossible especially dealing with difficult topics. Similarly, there is not really any despondency in dealing with research papers with very rare resource materials.

Remember, research and essay writing seems to be difficult. But you can overcome this difficulty only if you face your research paper works with confidence and interest. You have to believe that it will help you in developing your academic skills. It can also help you in your future academic dilemmas. I hope you have learned the importance of writing a research paper and not only writing it, writing it with full determination and loyalty so as to develop your academic skills.

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