Americanization in Sports Term Paper

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Americanization in sports is a term given to the influence of American culture, norms and customs, in other than American sports, in every aspect of sports around the globe. The persuasion of Americanization of sports is so powerful that their culture is adopted in every respect of the game, such as clothing, media technology and, marketing and promotion strategies are taken and implemented by other nations to draw attention to their local sports.

‘Americanization in Sports’ is one of the prominent topics teachers like to assign to students as their academic term paper requirement. To write a term paper on the Americanization in sports you need to indulge in active research as soon as the topic is assigned to you. Internet, magazines and articles are good sources to collect information as it broadens the scope if your debate and may give you another perspective on your topic. In addition, you should look through newspapers, books, journals and may also conduct an interview with an athlete to get his or her point of view on how sports have evolved generally and specifically the Americanization of sports. Here is a list of points that will help you write a term paper on Americanization of Sports.

First off, you could start off by a general discussion on how sports around the world have changed and developed. The discussion could include how earlier the sports were just for leisure and spare time to now an industry. You should talk about the involvement of millions of dollars pegged in legal-gambling in each sporting event. You could include examples from the past and compare it with the present. Normally a good starting point is to incorporate some facts and statistics in the beginning that capture the reader and set the flow of your essay.

Then your body paragraph should include the main points or the arguments you want to put forward. It could include the increasing use of technology and media exposure as one of the eminent features of Americanization in sports and to what extent other nations have adopted these techniques to enhance their sports industry.

You could also include the discussion on how Americanization in sports has influenced other sports is the formation of clubs and franchises; the incorporation of nicknames both, for the teams and the players, such as Chicago Bulls; the change of titles, such as hockey to field hockey, football to soccer etc. Your essay could include the embracing of the clothing aspect of American athletes to the overall way they carry themselves.

Finally you could conclude with an analysis of Americanization in sports. Your discussion could include a debate on the money aspect of sports, such as the usage of TV commercials in between sports especially in NFL and NBA, and the usage of drugs in sports.

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