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Gloria Hamilton 22/07/11 2:02 PM

Today, I am going to discuss term paper on Business English. Most of you must be familiar of this subject of English. And perhaps, some of your must be wondering that what is business English. This is a must read topic, it is very informative for those who are studying this subjects and even for those who don’t know what is it. Business English is a specialized form of English. Business English is typically taught to business people who need to use it in their daily duties. Sometimes they purposefully take such a course to help improve their performance on the job, other times they are required to take it and aren’t always happy about being in your classroom. In some countries their performance in the English classroom and successful completion of a certain number of courses is a requirement for moving up the career ladder.

Student, Business English has a major role in building up your personality in professional environment. Students are taught this subject mostly in their graduation program for preparing them for their professional life. When we communicate in a business environment, obscure jargon is an occupational hazard. Given how specialized are many industries and work environments, it’s natural that people will use a certain amount of terminology that won’t always make much sense to outsiders. For those who are willing to prepare their term papers on this topic, the structure of your term paper will remain same as I have discussed before in my blog post i.e. title, abstract, contents index, body, conclusion, references, abbreviations and bibliography. If I am missing any, than see my previous posts you will find the appropriate structure for term papers. Here I am telling you some of the topics, which should be covered:

• Business correspondence
• The importance of the first impression
• Communication skills
• Presentation skills
• Business vocabulary
• Decision making skills
• Expressing opinions
• Grooming
• Wardrobe
• Body language and gestures
• Voice and speech
• Meeting etiquette
• Business phone etiquette
• Business email etiquette

Business English focus on business communication skills which includes, listening skills, reading skills, speaking skills. For example, making presentations, taking part in meetings, writing reports tend to give learners the vocabulary and structure to develop these skills and the chance to practice using them. This makes you learn how to pronounce the words and then look up what they mean in the dictionary. Try using them in a sentence; ask someone who is more fluent in English to help you, so you know if you are grasping the concept of the language. Some of us may wants to know why business English skills are important and to whom. Business English is important for every body who is and who wants to join professional environment, off course most of us have to join.

• Executives with new English speaking sales territories
• Entrepreneurs looking to expand international businesses
• Executives building skills to qualify for a promotion
• Diplomats transferred to English speaking countries
• MBA candidates entering a graduate program in Canada or USA
• IT, Accountants and Lawyers with new English speaking clients
• Doctors and dentists training with new technologies in English
• Engineers who require new materials or equipment.

Students, Business English is quite simply the English you need to conduct business in a professional manner. It provides you with the skills to write emails, produce reports, make presentations, negotiate with clients, participate in meetings and conferences, write letters and deal with clients on the telephone and in a face-to-face situation. So, rather than focusing on general English for conversations and socializing etc, Business English focuses on communication in business related situations.

I hope you enjoyed reading this informative post, and have understood what actually business English is all about. I hope it will help you in preparing your term paper. Don’t forget we have hired a team of professional writers who can help you in your term paper. If you want any guidance or help you can order term papers here.

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