Cause and Effect Term Paper

Gloria Hamilton 27/04/11 3:04 PM

Hey everyone! Don’t be surprised by the name of the post. It is for all of you who are thinking to write something different for their term papers. I was going through some research and I came across with this topic so thought to write it for you. You can write your term paper on this topic as it is a different philosophical and scientific theory.

Cause and Effect is a theory which means that a certain event or action will cause a response after a pause with an immense effect or no effect. For example, if you slap some one, he/ she will first take their time to understand what you actually did to them but as soon as they will realize it they are going to hit you back. It is also possible that the person you slapped will not response and will go away. This is the perfect example of cause and effect and you can quote it in your term paper as well. There is a Cause and effect theory. This is a philosophical aspect of this theory. You can write a whole term paper on the philosophical aspect of this cause and effect theory as well.

Now, we come to the scientific part. You can write a term paper on causes of certain things that happen. In fact, not only certain things, you can write causes of every thing that happen scientifically. Cause is basically the WHY factor of anything that happens. Why global warming is increasing? You can mention the causes and your term paper is ready. Similarly you can write causes of earth quakes, causes of tsunamis. You can include the current devastations in them also. This will add plus point to your term paper.

You cannot limit your term paper to Causes only, you can write the effects of these natural processes also. If you want to write the causes and effects of a certain phenomena then it is alright but if you want to focus on effects or causes then you should be very careful about your research.

Just keep in mind that you provide your data with exact figures and reliable sources. Remember to cite references. Give a meaningful conclusion to your term paper. Discuss the consequences of your cause or effect or both.

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