Examples of Citations to Newspaper Articles

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When you are making your term paper you need to keep in mind some points related to citation and these are essential and very important for your term paper article. The basic step of writing for any type of term paper is to make the intro strong in nature. So you have to first write an intro and this requires some creative skills of writing because it needs to be different from rest of the term paper. Today you will learn some tips which are helpful for making any political papers and I am sure it will be productive for students at college and university level.

The general format for a reference to a newspaper article, including punctuation:

There are 5 major differences:
• Names of newspapers are never abbreviated (e.g., “The Washington Post” not “Wash Post”), although a leading “The” may be dropped if desired.
• The location where a newspaper is published is added to the title if the newspaper title does not indicate it, either within or after the title, as appropriate.
• Section information, if present, replaces volume and issue information.
• Only the beginning page number of an article is included.
• Column location is added.

When a newspaper article has an author or authors, it is said to be “signed.” Newspaper articles may be signed either at the beginning of the article or at its conclusion. If the article is signed, begin the reference with the surname (family name or last name) of the author; if the article is unsigned, begin the reference with the title of the article; the use of “anonymous” is not permitted.

The specific edition of a newspaper is a required component of a citation. The same article may or may not appear in different editions, and the text of an article often varies among editions.

Cite an Internet newspaper article as you would a print newspaper article, but with these major exceptions:

*Use the word “Internet” in square brackets as the Type of Medium after the newspaper title
* Include any update or revision date if there is one and a date of citation in square brackets following the date of publication
* When a location (pagination) for the article is not provided, as often occurs, calculate the length of the article using the best means possible, e.g., in terms of print pages, screens, or paragraphs
* Provide the URL or other electronic address of the article

Author for Newspaper Articles (required)
General Rules for Author
• List names in the order they appear in the text
• Enter surname (family or last name) first for each author
• Capitalize surnames and enter spaces within surnames as they appear in the document cited on the assumption that the author approved the form used. For example: Van Der Horn or van der Horn; De Wolf or de Wolf or DeWolf.
• Convert given (first) names and middle names to initials, for a maximum of two initials following each surname
• Give all authors, regardless of the number
• Separate author names from each other by a comma and a space
• End author information with a period

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