Comparison Between Applied Management and Management Careers

Gloria Hamilton 24/09/10 5:44 PM

This is a very interesting topic because it covers two careers in reality which is interlinked with each other. First let me throw some light on Applied Management. The word management carries a very simple literal meaning .It refers to organizing and logical arrangement .The field of applied management offers pathways which lead to prestigious company positions .Some academic options include decision making , analytical presentation ,critical management , logical manipulation and corporate presentation.

When talk about the academic side of applied management so there are a variety of courses which construct the structure of the academic program. Qualified graduates opt for corporate choices like corporate management, operations research, corporate management, strategic redesign, Business process redesign, supply chain management, human capital management. Students can opt any field to write term paper or to do research on any specific category.

There is employment hierarchy which is followed .Graduates apply as entry level managers, coronation officers ,marketing managers, project officers .After some years of working experience they can be promoted as senior managers , area managers and analytical officers. This is what I have observed in the field. Management also finds it way in the field of communication and information technology. Students who have taken subjects like databases, software testing ,software engineering and computer communication can easily join technological sectors .Qualified personnel with the required educational combinations can join the management teams of software houses and telecommunication companies.

There are various academic degree levels .A high percentage a bachelors degree and then completes an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) with majors in management. The area of management occupies a very remarkable sector in the corporate world as it tackles procedures like decision making and business analysis.
The employments area also shows an inclining curvature .Multinational companies, banks, software houses, corporate houses, stock exchanges, pharmaceutical; companies, networking firms and finance houses all have requirements. They need management graduates to organize and take decisive steps on day to day activities.

Now the second part of this article is about Management career. Management forms a very important component of a career in any business sector. It involves taking important steps for any business sector. There are a variety of positions in a company for which managers are hired .In any department, the decision making is done by an employee who acquires a managerial position.

Academic institutions offer education at various levels .However the first accomplishment in this connection is a Bachelors degree. Students can take various combinations of courses .Marketing, management basics, finance and accounts, human resource management, organizational behavior and banking are some of the offered selections.

Candidates who want to specialize in management make their selections accordingly. They opt for elective courses like management skills, corporate management and analytical decision making.

The employment perspective represents a very high hiring rate for that profession .Managers are employed by companies in an organizations of all categories .Managers form a significant company structure as they take the corporate decisions. Some of the areas of employment include risk analysis, managerial decisions, corporate dealings and financial transactions.

This area of profession requires immense dedication and hard work .Hence analyzing the company, its parameters and the financial strategy involved are some of the areas of attention .Universities and academic institutions conduct activities like internships and presentations for the students to give them a feel of the market environment .Companies also conduct seminars to assist students .These seminars are organized by various professionals who have occupied high ranking positions. Various banks also provide internships and later award permanent jobs to individuals who perform up to the mark.

I believe this detailed article is productive and it will help out students in making right choice for their life.

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