How to Write a Consumer Behavior Research Paper

Gloria Hamilton 29/11/11 12:39 PM

Consumer behavior research papers can be written for different subjects including Psychology, Marketing and Economics to name few. Whether you accept it or not, but researching on this particular topic really is interesting and intriguing. Imagine the large number of people who go out shopping and purchase good and/or services on a daily basis. They all are consumers and so are you since you also engage yourself in such activities.<1--more-->

What about the decision making process? What are some of the things which are going around in our heads when we are shopping for different goods? What are the factors which change our decision and make us choose one product over the other? All these questions need to be studied when writing a research paper on consumer behavior and the answers to them will what make your paper valuable and effective.

Some of the tips which you should inculcate in your consumer behavior research paper are as follows:

• Process of decision will play a pivotal role in your consumer behavior research paper. It is one of the most important things which you will be required to discuss in your paper. It also comprises of some steps, which you should incorporate in your paper to make it even better like problem recognition, post-purchase evaluation, purchase decision information search, alternative evaluation.

• Hierarchy of needs by Maslow and psychoanalytic theory of Freud are two other major topics which you should take into consideration while writing your consumer behavior research paper. In fact, bringing these theories and their significance under the limelight is not only essential but they will also facilitate you in comprehending the problem recognition stage which you will be explaining in your paper.

• It is crucial to relate your paper on consumer behavior to Psychology. This is because psychology is involved to a great extent when consumers are forming decisions. So, while writing your paper, you can mention a couple of promotional tactics that conform to an individual’s psychology.

Do not just write your consumer behavior paper for the sake of your academic career. Try to learn from it as it will not only enlighten you with the different factors which influences one’s decisions while shopping but it will also teach you about how to not to spend your hard earned cash on things which you simply do not need.

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