Comparison and Contrast Research Papers

Gloria Hamilton 30/03/12 2:04 PM

Research papers which involve comparing and contrasting of two subjects is known as comparison and contrast research papers. Working on contrast research papers is indeed a great idea. First thing is first. You need to pick an appropriate topic first. Once the selection of topic is complete, you are expected to compare and contrast two different elements. The following paragraphs have some guidelines which will definitely facilitate you in preparing comparison and contrast research papers.

When working on comparison and contrast research papers, it is not necessary to choose two different topics. As a matter of fact, it is highly recommended that you pick out two topics which are a little similar to each other. For instance, you can compare two different works of the same author.

Once you have got your hands on an appropriate topic, brainstorm as much as you can. By doing so, you will be able to come up with creative things to make your assignment even better. After you have jotted your ideas, start gathering information from a variety of different sources. I four have decided on the comparison of two authors, then make sure you have all the required information. Once you are done with all this, work on developing a killer thesis statement.

The first section of compare and a contrast research papers is the introduction. You are expected to introduce the audience to the topic briefly. Tell your audience why you decided to work on such an assignment and also discuss the choice of the authors.

After you have introduced the topic, start the comparison of the two subjects you have selected. Talk about their similarities as well. Examine and analyze both subjects in two different paragraphs. Once the discussion is done, have a paragraph which talks about the differences between both the subjects. Also, having examples can do wonders to your research papers, so make sure you have several of them.

Proof read once you have completed writing three parts of comparison and contrast research papers. As far as the concluding paragraph is concerned, have your own point of view about the topic you have chosen.
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