Writing the Cover Page of Research Papers

Gloria Hamilton 02/02/12 12:05 PM

Writing successful research papers is very much like dramatic literature. Place yourself in your professor’s shoes and imagine yourself going through the pile of countless research papers? Would you feel excited about evaluating tons and tons of research papers and essays?

When writing research papers, one thing students should always remember is that their academic should include qualities which make them different and unique from assignments of their fellow students. This way, your professor will not only compliment your work but will manage to leave a lasting imprint on his her memory.

So, now you must be thinking about how to start writing exceptional research papers. The first you need to do before you get down with your assignment is to develop an original cover page.

When you submit your research assignments, the first thing which your professor notices is the cover page. There is no set standard of writing a cover page and it can differ according to the writing style you are instructed to incorporate in your research papers.

Nevertheless, there are still certain basic things which should be included in the cover of each and every research paper, regardless of the writing style, and they are as follows:

1. The title of your cover page should be catchy enough to attract your audience towards reading it. It should be brief and concise but should convey what your research papers are basically going to be about;
2. Your good name;
3. The name of your professor and make sure you have spelt it out correctly because professors usually hate it when their students misspell their names;
4. Date of submission.

As far as the writing styles are concerned, MLA is the easiest and the simplest one. If you have been instructed to format your research papers according to MLA format, then all you need to do is add the information mentioned above and your cover page is good to go.

On the contrary, APA style wants the students to use their minds while writing the cover page as well. Hence, you are required to have small summary of your assignment on the cover and this is exactly where your creativity can do the trick. You do not need to be redundant and state whatever you already have in your assignment. Just give some hints about the contents of your assignments so that your audience is intrigued towards it.

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