Data Base Management System Term Paper

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Hello Everybody! As, I am always in search of knowing hot topics of updated educational programs, which I use to share with you to help you for your Term papers. So, student wake up!! Today the topic I am going to discuss here is “Data Base Management System” which has an important and individual role in Computer Science Studies. All those students who are willing to graduate in Computer field must read this. It will help you a lot in preparing your term paper, you can Order term papers.

So, let’s start from its introduction. What is DBMS? What clicks in your Mind by these four words together (Data base management System)? What is Database? Data base is a collection of information, collection of records. Example of this can be your Phone book, in which your maintain records. In order to prepare your term Papers you need to understand each and every aspect of it. So lets move on, now DBMS- it is a collection of tools to manage database. Since, it is a system there must be some functions which it performs and those basic functions are:

• Create, Edit and delete data structure like tables
• Create, edit and delete data
• Retrieve data ( running queries)
• Generate reports on data

Students DBMS is a wide system as you see every thing has been computerized and it has become very common now a days .you need to understand this not to only get good score in your Term Paper
but also to get a bright future. It not that much different but once if u get to know all this, you can do. So for almost every DBMS, the above written are the basic practical functions. There are two keys of database which plays an important role in DB structure, which are:

• Primary key
• Foreign key
Primary Key:
The first type of key which I am going to discuss is Primary key. As data base consists of tables, each table should have one or more columns designated as the primary key. The value this key holds should be unique for each record in the database. For example, assume we have a table called Employees that contains personnel information for every employee. We’d need to select an appropriate primary key that would uniquely identify each employee. Your first thought might be to use the employee’s name. This wouldn’t work out very well because it’s conceivable that you’d hire two employees with the same name. A better choice might be to use a unique employee ID number that you assign to each employee when they’re hiring.
Foreign Key:

The other type is foreign key. This key is used to create relationships between tables. For setting relationship between two tables, there should be at least one common field in two tables. Usually that common field is Primary key in one table, and it is called foreign key in the second table. Foreign key can have repeated values also.

Guys! I am here to guide you for your term paper. So I am going to tell you some of the topics you need to cover under this. There are many topics of this chapter DBMS which u should study in order to prepare your thesis. This includes:

• Types of data model1
• Hierarchical
• Network
• Relational
• Emerging data models2
• Major functions of DBMS3
• Components of DBMS3
• Data model
• Data definition language DDL
• Data manipulation language DML
• Structured query language SQL
• Data dictionary.
• Database design
• Conceptual design
• Physical design

For your convenience to prepare your term papers on DBMS, above I have written the important topics to be covered which will help you to do search on for your project. Students, if you have chosen this s for your final term paper than you will need to do this practical too. I hope you have understood what I have discussed with you above. We are here to serve you the best!

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