Descriptive Research Techniques For Term Papers/Dissertation/Thesis

Gloria Hamilton 03/01/11 12:14 PM

Today I have decided to make a post on some practical steps for any sort of term paper. Student will find them very much productive as research papers and dissertations require such form of techniques to develop the work. In this article I will be giving some references from where you can get more data.

Most students chose some form of descriptive (qualitative) research as their primary tool for their analysis of research questions posed in the dissertation. Since this is the most commonly used approach (primarily because this kind of research can help you to identify a cause of something that is happening or the current status within the organization), we urge you to look into this approach as you undertake your dissertation. Of course, you are free to chose whichever approach (statistical or descriptive, quantitative or qualitative) best serves your needs.

Descriptive research is versatile and can often help you focus on what it is that you want. It is often based on sampling of some kind–and can employ (or not) statistical analysis. For example, if you want to find out which age group is most likely to buy a particular brand of beer, or whether or not a company’s market share differs between country or geographical regions, or if you wish to discover how many competitors a company has in their marketplace–then descriptive research may be the approach to take. Often, descriptive research includes quantitative research applications. For example, if you want to find out how many people think or feel about a particular approach or tactic, then you will be in the business of collecting numbers. Research techniques are not limited to one approach–often you use a combination of research techniques to find the answer to your research question(s).

The primary reason why so many people chose this approach is that it can be done without an intricate knowledge or use of statistical methods. This appeals to a lot of students who feel the various statistical methods are beyond their knowledge or skill base.

Here are some places on the internet where you may find some general guidance on descriptive research and the techniques used:

For general guidance on Descriptive Research, try:

There are a large number of sources or essays on descriptive research techniques here:

There are many database repositories of descriptive research activities on the internet. So try to make most out of these links and I am sure you will find them informative as well.

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