Different Kinds of Essays

Gloria Hamilton 21/10/11 11:54 AM

Hey there, students! So your dearest English teacher has finally given you the assignment but you are blank, like majority of the students, and cannot decide which type of essay to write in order to achieve the highest score? Worry not! This blog post will assuredly help you in finding the kind of essay which will complement your writing skills the most.

If you belong to the lot of people who like debates then filling in your response with persuasive arguments will be a great idea. However, if you think you are better at using colorful adjectives to describe things, then writing a descriptive essay should be your ultimate choice!

Always remember that by writing an essay according to your personality type will not only make you ace the assignment but it will also give you a chance of enjoying your work.

Listed below are some of the common types of essays which can always be incorporated in your writing assignments:

1. Persuasive/ Argumentative Essay:

This kind of essay is assertive and it usually supports it claim with statistics, facts, expert opinions, etc.

2. Comparison Essay:

While writing this essay, the writer has to take care of the comparisons and contrasts existing between the topics provided.

3. Descriptive Essay:

Like the name suggests, a descriptive essay is great at providing descriptions/definitions and is usually based on nouns (person, place animal, and/or thing).

4. Evaluation Essay:

An evaluation essay takes the descriptive essay to an advanced level as it does not only describe a thing/event but also states its significance.

5. Narrative Essay:

This essay is written like a story and it also mention the different events in a chronological order.

It is always good to remember that personalizing can do wonders to your writing!

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Happy reading!

One Comment on “Different Kinds of Essays”

  1. Pam Hollister Says:

    I would excell at the Evaluation Essay. My personality type, INTJ, loves doing research and evaluating how that research applies in life.