Dissertation Writing and Procrastination

Gloria Hamilton 09/11/11 12:46 PM

For a doctoral student, dissertation writing is probably one of the toughest and most burdensome tasks. Students tend to think that they need to read a lot before they can get down to writing and this is why it becomes too easy for them to put off things or ‘procrastinate’.

Ever wondered why we procrastinate? Well, according to various studies and researches, students develop a habit of procrastinating when they a find an assignment too over whelming. Lack of motivation is probably the sole reason which leads students to drag their dissertations for as long as possible!

Listed below are some useful tips which every student should incorporate while writing dissertation in order to prevent him/her self from falling into the trap of procrastination:

1. Organization and Time Management:

Organization and time management play an instrumental role when it comes to a prompt completion of the dissertation. The most important part of the dissertation is its structure and it is significant to take care of it in order to get your work done on time.

2. Breaking Down of Tasks:

Writing the thesis for a dissertation might look like an exhausting task. For this reason, it is suggested to break down your tasks into components. For example, while working on the literature review, you can have sections for each topic you are going to write about followed by small details.

3. Starting from Wherever You Like:

It is really not necessary to start your dissertation by working on the intro and thesis and then ending it with analysis. Many a times, implying this method makes your task look difficult to complete. Therefore, start from wherever you feel like and keep filling the information which your dissertation is missing on.

4. Writing Regularly:
Working for long hours at a stretch can make a task look boring and uninteresting. Plan out a schedule and start writing everyday for at least an hour. This way the thesis will always be fresh in your mind and you will keep coming up with new ideas and information to include in the dissertation.

5. Talking is Helpful:

When you are having a hard time expressing yourself, it is always a great idea to share your thoughts with your peers. If that does not sound like a good option then talk to your own self or write your ideas down on a paper. Vent out your thoughts without giving any heed to the structure or the spelling.

6. Rushing is a Bad Idea:

You simply cannot produce a flawless, perfect dissertation in one go. It is essential for every student to make a few rough drafts for every section of your dissertation to attain perfection.

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