The Importance of Distance Learning Education

Gloria Hamilton 05/05/11 1:54 PM

As I was scrolling through this page of the website and was reading previous blogs in this category, I just caught an empty feeling as if something is missing from this category. I suddenly realized that Distance Learning Education has not been discussed yet. I am sure most of my student visitors who check this blog daily will get benefitted from this post as I am going to share information on distance learning education and its importance. You can write your term papers on this topic and can take help from the information below.

Distance Learning Education is a very old method of learning which dates back to 1728. It is a kind of education which is not formally held in any classroom or in an educational institute but is provided to such students who cannot attend classes and are not physically present in a traditional educational setting such as a classroom. If we say that distance learning education is a self home study program, it is not wrong. I know some of you would be thinking what is the difference between distance learning education and studying privately from an institution? You can even write your term paper on the comparison of Distance learning education and private studies. So, coming back to the question that must have been raised in your minds, the answer is, you do study at home in both ways of learning, in private education u get enrolled with a government education institution and buy all the books by yourself but in distance education learning, you get registered by an educational institution which provides distance learning education, and you not only get registered but all the study material and teacher’s lectures including cassettes and CDs, are provided to you by post. Postal Services play the most important role in distance learning education. You receive the literature and all the related material from the institution by post and you send all your due assignments and work by post.

Nowadays, there are many universities that are providing distance education learning. In fact the advancements in technologies have also improved the method and procedure of distance learning education. Now there are many online tutorials which are available to every one and one can easily learn via internet. We cannot deny the importance of DLE (distance education learning) because there are many students who want to study and they don’t have internet facility, and they cannot afford their educational expenses. As DLE is very much affordable, most of the knowledge seekers still choose it to carry on their educational purposes.

So, in a term paper, after making selection of topic and giving all necessary information in body part, one should not forget conclusion and most of the students do get mess up with this. The best way to write conclusion is to summarize your viewpoint and give out the summary at the end of your research.
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