Distinction between a research paper and a term paper

Gloria Hamilton 10/05/11 12:32 PM

What is the difference between a research paper and a term paper? Who is going to know if I do research papers the term paper way or the other way round? If you are thinking this way then hey! Hold your horses. Term paper is a term paper and research paper is a research paper. There is a lot of difference between a research paper and a term paper. You should better know it because your teachers know it already.
A term paper is very different from a research paper and it can only be done with a broad goal in mind. A research paper is a narrow effort that requires a focused approach. A definition of both types of papers will help explain the differences clearly.

A term paper is a paper on a topic that you have studied in your term or whole semester. In a term paper, you write about something that you have discussed in your class and which is important to the overall course. The term paper must include as many concepts and ideas learned during the length of the course as possible. The goal of a term paper is to show the professor that you have a good, overall understanding of the ideas, concepts and topics discussed during the length of the course.

It depends on you that what research topic you want to have. A research paper may or may not be on a topic you have covered during the semester. The aim of a research paper is to learn more than what you have discussed or read in your coursework and do an in-depth analysis of a topic. Research papers show your professor what you are capable of adding to a topic beyond what he has taught you. You have to use outside source material, draw intuitive conclusions and illustrate a thorough understanding of one very narrowly defined issue or topic. The goal of a research paper is to show your professor you are an expert on a specific topic you learned about in class or a topic that is related to the coursework.

Term papers are broad, comprehensive papers on many issues covered during the term or the length of the course or semester. Term papers tell that how well you can put together the points of knowledge learned over the course and illustrate that you have a very good grasp of how the course work flows together. Research papers show that you are an expert in one specific topic or concept discussed during the semester. They are narrow and contain original information from outside sources and material that goes beyond the scope of your course work.

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