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Gloria Hamilton 27/06/11 2:08 PM

Hi guys, as you see I use to post on different term papers topics. So, today i am trying to come up with a different topic for your term paper guidance i.e. “Drug abuse”. Whose usage has become very often world wide. People addicted to drugs do not realize what are they doing, they are killing themselves. If you have chosen this topic for your term paper, you will get a good guidance from here. So follow me, I will start from the introduction of drug abuse and then will discuss its different aspects.

So what is a Drug? Any substance that, when absorbed into the body of a living organism, alters normal bodily function, is called a drug. Drug addiction especially in teen agers is growing very fastly, which directly affects their health and their mind stops working. Drug abuse and misuse can cause various health problems, and in serious cases death can occur. Treatment for drug abuse is often sought to aid in recovery. For your research project you need to go in depth of drug types, its usage in different departments like some drugs are being used for positive purpose. This helps to improve physical performance. Drugs are numerous; we can categorize drugs according to their way of taking. Now let’s take a look on what type of drug are being used world wide which are not good for our body.

• Stimulants
• Inhalants
• Depressants
• Opiods and Morphine derivatives
• hallucinogens
Each of the above written categories has different types of drugs. Since, drug abuse covers lots of topics in it; I will discus the basics here which will be informative for you to read before you start writing your thesis. Now, let’s talk about any two three of the above written categories individually in which we will discuss their types and side effects.


Students Here the question arises, what does this type of drug do? Stimulants are those drugs which speed up the body’s nervous system and create a feeling of energy. Stimulants have the opposite effect of depressants. When the effects of a stimulant wear off, the user is typically left with feelings of sickness and a loss of energy. Constant use of such drugs can have very negative effects on the user. Types of drugs include:

• Cocaine
• Methamphetamines
• Cannabinoids
• Amphetamines
• Ritalin
• Cylert


When inhalants are taken, the body becomes deprived of oxygen, causing a rapid heart beat. Other effects include liver, lung and kidney problems, affected sense of smell, difficulty walking and confusion.
Types of drugs include:

• Glues
• Paint thinner
• Gasoline
• Laughing gas
• Aerosol sprays


Cannabinoids result in feelings of euphoria, cause confusion and memory problems, anxiety, a higher heart rate, as well as staggering and poor reaction time. Types of drugs include:

• Hashish
• Marijuana

Guys, I have discussed four types of drugs in this post for making your research easier on “drug abuse” there are many other topics like we could have discussed its advantages, side effects in detail,child drug abuses, the ways of taking drugs and the medication drugs, which the physicians provides us to let us cure ourselves. There are many topics which should be covered in your term papers. I hope this post will help you to start researching for you thesis.

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Happy Reading!

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