Ergonomics and the Human factors

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Hey there, have you heard of this word “ergonomics” before? If no then you will get to know the basics from this post. For all of you who are searching for your term papers topic and have interest in environmental topics than your search stops here. Ergonomics is the scientific study concerned with the understanding of the interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and as a profession this applies theoretical principles, data and methods to design for an optimization of human well being and overall system performance. People who practice ergonomics are called ergonomists. They work is to contribute to the planning, design and evaluation of tasks, jobs, products, environments, organizations and systems in order to make them fully compatible with the needs, abilities and limitations of people.

Writing your term papers on ergonomics require you to have some basic knowledge about this. When searching on this you will find different aspects that you will be able to discuss about in your term paper. Your ergonomics term paper should be at least of 6-7 pages. According to international energy agency Ergonomics is categorized in following four parts.

• Cognitive Ergonomics
• Macro Ergonomics
• Physical Ergonomics
• Organizational Ergonomics

Cognitive Ergonomics:

The objective of Cognitive ergonomics is to deals with mental processes that include perception, memory, reasoning, and motor response; all of these affect interactions between humans and other elements of a system. List of Some examples of the cognitive ergonomics topics include

• Mental workload,
• Skilled performance,
• Human-computer interaction,
• Decision-making human reliability,
• Work stress and training.

Macro Ergonomics:

Macro ergonomics deals with the aspects known to be socio technical systems within the workplaces, and it also concentrates on the specific methods which are used to optimize them. This may include an organizational structure, policies, processes, and spaces. The main goal of macro ergonomics is the analysis, design, and evaluation of the office space into consideration.

Physical Ergonomics:

The term “Physical ergonomics” deals with human anatomical, physiological, anthropometric, and biomechanical characteristics as they all are relevant to physical activity. List of topics for this category include:

• Working postures,
• Materials handling,
• Repetitive movements,
• Work-related musculoskeletal disorders,
• Workplace layout,
• Safety and health.

Organizational Ergonomics:

The main goal of this category of ergonomics is to deal with the optimization of socio technical systems, which may also includes their organizational structures, policies, and processes done. The topics for this category include:

• Communication and Teamwork
• Crew resource management,
• Work design,
• Participatory design,
• Community ergonomics,
• Cooperative work,
• New work paradigms,
• Organizational culture,
• Virtual organizations and Quality management.

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