Writing Essays on Male Dominance

Gloria Hamilton 09/05/12 12:00 PM

The topic of male dominance for an essay is one which is very interesting as well as thought provoking. Many students would be keen to write on topic as it is quite an intriguing subject to discuss in essays and students can relate themselves to it.

Ever since the world came into existence, male dominance started bearing its roots all around us and with the course of time we have seen this tiny plant grow into a powerful gigantic tree. If you are asked to write essays on male dominance you first need to understand how to approach this topic. Ask yourself a few questions about the nature of the essay. Should it be informative or argumentative? A smart move would be to opt for argumentative essays because male dominance is a controversial topic and is therefore perfect to present in an argumentative form.

Now that you have made up your mind about writing an argumentative essay on male dominance, next thing that you need to do is to decide whether you are in favor of this topic or against it. Once you decide that, you have to write the rest of your essay accordingly based on your choice of opinion.

The introduction passage for both sides of the argument would be mostly similar. You will begin with an explanation of male dominance and how did it start. You need to make your introduction appear appealing, one that should tightly grasp the interest of the reader and make him want to read till the end. Include brief but interesting examples and facts related to your topic in the essays. Discuss how male dominance developed and the factors that are encourage its growth.

Next step is to form a systemized and organized body for your essays. You should begin it by stating your point of view on male dominance. If you are in agreement with the topic you should define your reasons too. Ask yourself why do you think male dominance is a good thing? When you state that you are in support of the promotion of male dominance, you can list a few major reasons to support your answers and then you need to elaborate them further. Justify your point of view by making a strong comparison on the physical strength and endurance abilities of a man and a woman, explaining clearly how men are so much better in this perspective.

On the other hand, for those who refuse to support male dominance, explain yourself in a manner that should be convincing as well as persuasive for the reader. You can write about all the negative effects that are caused by male dominance like woman abuse. This is a very strong point which if explained in the right manner can help you obtain an A grade. Conclude your essays by providing a strong thesis statement highlighting the significance of equality in humanity, for the sake of which male dominance must be prevented to some extent.

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