Few Tips On Citation

Gloria Hamilton 05/02/11 11:00 AM

When you are making term papers or research papers you need to pay extra attention to your references because in sort of term paper, research papers or thesis you need to give extra focus and attention to that part. Students of graduate level or at high school do get worried about different styles of references like of Harvard, APA style, MLA style, MHRA style or Numeric style etc. PapersInn is the plat form which provides you quality term papers and you can place your Order anytime.

ARTIST. Title. Material type. Year. At: City: Art Gallery.

VAN GOGH, V. Sunflowers. Oil on canvas. 1888. At: London: National Gallery.

Parliamentary Act (U.K.)
GREAT BRITAIN. Title. Chapter. Place of publication: Publisher, Year.

GREAT BRITAIN. Access to justice act 1999. Chapter 22. London: The Stationery Office, 1999.

Patent or patent application
This information is found on the title page of the patent (originator refers to the Inventor/ Applicant).

NAME OF ORIGINATOR. Title of patent document. Patent number and date.

PHILIP MORRIS INC. Optical perforating apparatus and system. Patent number: 0021165 A1. 1 July 1981.

See Journal.

Personal communication
ORIGINATOR (sender/speaker/author). Medium. Reciever of communication, Date of communication.
SMITH, A. Conversation with Robert Jones, 24 January 2007.
SMITH, A. Email to Robert Jones, 7 May 2007.
SMITH, A. Letter to Robert Jones, 16 November 2007.

AUTHOR. Title [online]. Year. [Date Accessed]. Available from: [Podcast].

LEEDS UNIVERSITY LIBRARY. Brotherton Library guide [online]. 2007. [Accessed 21 January 2008]. Available from:http://www.leeds.ac.uk/library/podcasts [Podcast].

Press release
ORGANISATION. Title [online]. Year. [Date Accessed]. Available from: URL [Press release].

NSPCC. NSPCC calls for better support for child witnesses [online]. 2009. [Accessed 18 May 2009]. Available from: http://www.nspcc.org.uk [Press release].

Senate report (U.S.)
U.S. SENATE. Committee. Title. (Report number). Place of publication: Publisher, Year.

U.S. SENATE. Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s family lands: report together with minority views (to accompany s. 134). (S. Rpt. 104-32). Washington: Government Printing Office, 1995.

Sound recording
ORIGINATOR. Title. Place of publication: Publisher, Year. Ref No. Sound type medium. Length.

THE COASTERS. Sorry but I’m gonna [sic] have to pass. New York : WEA International Inc., 1958. A4591C. Stereo Audiocassette, 3min.

This information is found on the title page of the standard:

AUTHOR OF STANDARD. Standard Number: Year. Title of standard. Place of publication: Publisher, Year.

BRITISH STANDARDS INSTITUTION. BS5605:1990. Recommendations for citing and referencing published material. London : BSI, 1990.

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