Format of a Science Research Paper

Gloria Hamilton 04/11/11 2:18 PM

Science research papers comprise solely on established actualities and concrete proofs. The purpose of a science research paper is to signify the importance of stated facts. Writing a science research paper using the correct procedures is really not a child’s play as science projects require students to provide a whole lot of explanation using only a few words. You do not really need to know the art of fiddling around with words but you surely need to excel in the language in order to write an effective science research paper.

The framework of science research papers is a bit different from those of arts subject. This is so because papers related to arts and humanities lay greater emphasis on research findings while science papers do not only require research but also give importance to methods and results.

The format of a science research paper basically highlights the value of the procedures implemented to obtain the desired results. The elements which are essential for a science paper are as follows:

1. Title Page:
Like the title page of every other subject, this too informs the professor about the contents of the paper. The purpose of a title is to provide the objective of the research. So make sure the tile of your paper accomplishes that task!

2. The Abstract:
The abstract gives an overview of your research paper along with summarizing other components of your paper like the topic you have chosen, your thesis statement and the methods you have implemented. An abstract should not be more than 200-250 words and do not forget to mention the results in it.

3. Introduction:
It makes the reader familiar with the topic and also includes the theory and a brief description of the methodology.

4. Material and Procedure:
This component is one of the most essential one for a science research paper as it includes the most important information which includes instruments and specimens utilized in the research.

5. Results:
The content in this section should be very brief and should clearly convey the result of your study.

6. Discussion:
This section ought to comprise of a detailed version of your research findings. If your results do match with the hypothesis you came up with then do give an explanation for that.

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