How To improve your study habits

Gloria Hamilton 15/08/11 1:58 PM

Hey students, for the success of any study task which includes your term paper writing, thesis, research paper and your academic exams and assignments you need to improve your study habits if you want to get good marks. If you’re one of those students who used to attend classes, you have probably experienced many moments when it was hard to make yourself settle down and study, even when an important exam pr thesis was coming up.

If you’re like one of the most students, put off studying until the very last minute. The night before the exam, you’ll stay up all night cramming, getting little or no sleep. In the morning, you’ll drag yourself out of bed, prepare mentally yourself up with lots of coffee and some cigarettes, and go into the exam feeling exhausted, drained and jittery all at the same time. You’ll find it hard to focus or think, and you’ll be cursing yourself for not starting to study sooner when will get fail.

Such typical ways of studying never work and at the end when student get fails he claims that he studied a lot whole night how is this possible that they got failed. When ever you go through this ritual, you actually tell yourself that you’re going to smarten up the next time you face a big exam. But still the next time comes and you keep on doing repeating the crazy way. The thing to be solved is what you should do instead of repeating such a bad way of studying if you want to get better marks.

One of the reasons behind why students start studying in the last possible minutes is that they have misjudged how long it will actually take them to understand the material. Another reason is that students are perhaps too overwhelmed with how big the project or term papers actually seems to be. Somehow they convince their selves that putting off a tough study project can be the best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed by it for the time being.

When you are faced with an exceptionally difficult and overwhelming study project, you should maintain a high level of interest and motivation for the duration of the learning process. Here are some ways you can improve your study habits through.

• The best way for you to study is to study what you can thoroughly learn in a forty minute period. Keep your mind actively engaged in the material by making notes, asking yourself questions about it, speaking out loud, and making learning maps. Taking a small break should be necessary.

• You can easily improve your motivation and your performance by breaking up the project into smaller sections. Each time you accomplish one little bit successfully, give yourself a meaningful reward.

• Try to concentrate on the immediate task at hand. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the entire book at one time.

• With this knowledge you can pace yourself. You know what your assignment is. You know how much you need to read every night. Concentrate on the immediate task at hand.

• Rewarding yourself after completion of your assignment divided into small tasks is really a good idea for motivating yourself. This creates a sense of positive reinforcement. Give yourself a small reward every time you finish a small part of the job, and a bigger reward when the term papers is completed.

• You need to review information your read several times in order to let that sink into your brain. Have a proper sleep for the memories to be encoded in your neurons.

So, these were some useful tips for you to make yourself motivated towards studies and get good marks in your term paper or any assignment, exams etc. since your career relies upon your term papers or thesis grade, your term paper should be enough well written if you want to reach the bright future waiting for you. If you want us to write your custom term paper, than feel free to order term papers.

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