How to Title a Term Paper

Gloria Hamilton 27/07/10 9:37 AM

Term papers are the assignments, which you must submit at the termination of each semester. It is a thing which you must come across in your academic life. So, you should be acquainted with it and be able to produce it, flawlessly. In order to write a flawless term paper, you must know how to title a term paper, because title is the first impression of your term paper on the reader, so it should be the best. Once you have an excellent first impression, your end will be excellent too, definitely.

Term paper title determines the whole essence of your term paper so it should be outstanding. Without an appropriate term paper title, even the best-written term paper will look imperfect. Most of the time, your teachers instruct you, how to title a term paper in a proper format.  E.g. they tell you, it should be written on the first page of the term paper along with other details like the student’s name, teacher’s name, student’s enrolment number, course number, name of the institution etc.

When you are going to title your term paper, try to make it striking. It is the first thing which a reader reads while reading. It must have potential to attract the attention of the readers, at once and force him to read further.

In order to find how to title a term paper appropriately you must consider that there are two groups of term paper topics. The first one is fiction and the second is non-fiction.

When you are going to write fiction, or a topic which is somewhat exciting or surprising, your title should not be descriptive, it should be ambiguous that enhance the reader’s curiosity to read. By this, the reader will get caught up in the story and be most curious about the result.

In the second case, if you are going to write on a non-fiction topic, you must declare your conclusion in the title, so the reader grasps your opinion.

Now, here are mentioned some suggestions for you, if you follow them properly you will be able to write an excellent title of your term paper.

  • Try to formulate your term paper title laconically and briefly.
  • It should be simple and catchy.
  • Also, try that it must not exceed the given word count.
  • Don’t try to hamper its effect by unnecessary jargon and words.
  • You should also avoid useless details like ‘a study of’ or ‘a report on’ etc.
  • Try to make it strong enough that will leave an everlasting effect on the readers.
  • Write it grammatically correct.

Follow these simple suggestions; your term paper will be successful.

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