How to Write a Thematic Essay

Gloria Hamilton 19/10/11 11:56 AM

Hello dear students! Today I have decided to bring thematic essays under the limelight and get you people acquainted with the certain steps which should be followed while writing one.

Before we get started, it is very important to know what exactly a thematic essay is all about. As the name suggests, a thematic essay is an essay which requires students to write on a particular theme. Being a teacher, it is also provides you a great way of checking your students’ comprehension of a certain subject. Furthermore, this family of essays usually revolves around history, social studies and political science.

According to the thematic essay generic scoring rubric, an ideal thematic essay ought to comprise of the following steps:

1. Pre-Writing:
In order to achieve a high score, determination of the task and arrangement of all the information, which you wish to be included in your response, is highly suggested. For this reason, make sure that you have carefully gone through the task and the theme of your essay before you get down to writing.

2. Composing an introduction:

An introduction to your essay response is essential as it conveys to the readers the topic of the essay and the purpose of writing it. However, do not in any circumstances restate the task stated in the essay question. Instead, use interesting and rich vocabulary to give an introduction of the theme to make your opening paragraph more interesting and exciting.

3. Drafting the body paragraphs:

The role of the body paragraphs is to have a thorough discussion regarding the task. This can be efficiently executed by working in a systematic fashion and by incorporating all the relevant facts you have gathered to prove your understanding of the theme.

4. Stating the conclusion:

The conclusion of a thematic essay should be written in a manner so as to prove the result of your response. Simply put, it connects all the information stated in the introduction and the body paragraphs.

Do not forget to reread your writing once you are done with it and take special care of the grammar and spelling errors!

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Happy reading!

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