How to Write Response Papers

Gloria Hamilton 24/02/12 2:36 PM

The purpose of response papers is to let your readers know what your viewpoint is about a particular topic. Some things that we should be discussing while writing discussion papers include your own personal opinion standpoint of the subject.

Generally, teachers want their students to write response papers when they want to know about their stance on a certain current issue, be it a video or any other special occasion.

While you are in high school, you can be asked to write response papers regarding your visit to the museum, recreational place or any other avenue. When writing response papers of such nature, students are expected to narrate their observation of that place.

Like other academic papers, response paper also has a similar format. But if you are still about this writing assignment of yours, then worry not because this article will surely help you out. Continue reading…

When writing response papers, it is essential that you choose an apt topic. Before you get down with it, make sure you have a good understanding about the topic you chose. If you want to know more about your topic, then you are encouraged to do critical reading.

If response papers are being written for the presentation of your opinions about certain books, then you should obviously first read the book thoroughly. You can also be asked to write response papers regarding latest news.

Introduction plays a substantial role for all response papers. It is in this section that you will discuss the background of your topic. In addition, this paragraph requires you to come up with a killer thesis statement. Once you think you have a well written introduction, you may move on to the body of your assignment.

A considerable amount of information should be there in the body of your response papers to hold up your beliefs and convictions. The body will be made up of various paragraphs which will showcase your one-of-a-kind opinions and point f view over an issue.

When you are down with response papers, you should be coherent and consistent. You should also be throwing light on significant important ideas which were there in the book or news you are required to discuss.

On reaching the conclusion of your response papers, reassert your thesis statement and give an overview of all the arguments you have presented in the previous paragraphs.

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After writing the body, you will conclude your paper. In the conclusion, you will reaffirm your thesis statement and will summarize your arguments. After writing the conclusion, you will proof read your response paper. Make sure during proof reading that you have included the information in a logical order. Including information in a logical order means arranging your paper in such a way that the most relevant information comes at the top and the less important comes later.

Read your paper several times in order to identify different mistakes. Don’t forget to format your paper. In order to format a response paper, any particular style should be selected. There are different styles used for formatting a paper. These are APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.

Therefore this article will help you writing a response paper. Before writing a response paper, you should read all of the guidelines mentioned in this article. Once you are finished with writing your response paper, you can review your paper to ensure that you have included all of these instructions.

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