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Hi everybody, as I bring different topics from different subjects for your term paper guidance. Today, I am here with an interesting topic of this era which is “Human Cloning”. U must have heard this word Cloning. Have you? Have you ever wished you could have a clone of yourself to do homework while you hit the skate park or went out with your friends? Imagine if you could really do that. Where would you start? This sounds funny and unrealistic but, our Not!

Students, “Human Cloning” is a good subject to do research on for your term papers. So, now let’s start discussing about this.usuallay talking about these types of topics, we come up with never ending list of queries. You may have first heard of cloning when Dolly the Sheep showed up on the scene in 1997. Cloning technologies have been around for much longer than Dolly, though.
You need to have a big research on it, since; it is huge chapter to work out on. But very frankly, this is really a good choice to research on. The term “cloning” is used by scientists to describe many different processes that involve making copies of biological material, such as a gene, a cell, a plant or an animal.
The biotechnology industry for diseases such as diabetes and hemophilia. In the Context of this report, a human embryo produced via cloning involves the process Called somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). In SCNT, the nucleus of an egg is removed and replaced by the nucleus from a mature body cell, such as a skin cell.

Students, you might have heard of a cloned baby birth. On December 27, 2002, a representative of Clonaid announced the birth of the first cloned human, a seven-pound baby girl nicknamed Eve. The baby was born on December 26, 2002, at an undisclosed location outside the United States. Managing Director of Clonaid stated that genetic tests would show that the baby is the clone of the 31-year-old American woman who is the birth mother. To date the test results have not been released; the company claims that the parents fear the test results.

In your term paper, you must write its detailed background, how its concept came into existence, who were the scientists who brought this to our knowledge, what are the facts behind this, its laws ,social and ethical issues, Benefits of human cloning and effects on future generation and lots of other topics has to be covered under human cloning. As, a term paper is a full research based project. You need to see every aspect of it in order to get success to you term paper or thesis. After done by your huge research you should also mention your opinion about it. Whether you think it should be done or not. After I have done my research, I don’t think I would work. Human Cloning poses serious risks of producing children who are stillborn, unhealthy, severely malformed, or disabled. Problems can consist of mutation, transmission of mitochondrial diseases, and the negative effects from the aging genetic material like animal cloning; human cloning will result in high failure rates which will definitely take uncountable lives or embryos to reach to the point of success. As research cloning requires the death or destruction of embryos. All these concerns indicated towards one thing that Human Cloning is the future and we will be facing it sometime in our future lives. But now is not the right time to start using it widely as its harms are unknown. There is still plenty of room for research to fill in and deal with the current limitations and problems that the researcher faced in animal cloning. Its success rate is almost next to nil and impossible so it’s useless to implement this technology on human’s right now. This is what I think according to the research I have done.

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