Basic Information about Research Papers

Gloria Hamilton 19/12/11 2:34 PM

A research paper basically serves as an evaluating medium which every student is required to prepare in order to get promoted to the next academic session. However, there are certain times, when students are asked to write research papers as homework or assignment.

For a research paper to be successful, it is important for it to have a good topic. Students should select a subject with which they are familiar so that they do not find it hard researching. It is also crucial for the topic to have some significance.

A good question to ask when beginning to wrote a research paper is to ask ‘why is it mandatory’; If you manage to get good response to that then you shall definitely proceed. Also, the topic you have should have sufficient material for information too so you do not face a hard time looking for useful data online and in the library.

A research proposal is essential when writing a research paper. As a matter of fact, you cannot continue with your paper unless you get your research proposal approved. Now you must be wondering what a proposal really is. Well, a proposal form the framework or the rough structure of your paper and gives an about how your paper will look like when completed. So being the proposer, you are obliged to get a nod of your instructor before you can proceed with the various research stages.

As far as the basic components of a research paper are concerned, it comprises of an introduction paragraph, body parts and a meaningful conclusion. However, detailed research papers ask for a clear thesis, body paragraphs, methodology and a conclusion.

The citation style is based on the topic of the research paper. So a paper based on science and technology should make use of the APA format, whereas, topics about arts and humanity usually follow the MLA format.

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