PART TWO: Compiling Some Example of References and Showing How to insert them in Your Term Papers/Dissertation

Gloria Hamilton 02/02/11 12:36 PM

This is the second episode and the reason to continue is to make sure that all points should be cover at once. Before continuing I would like to recall some points of my older post related to great examples as far as References are concerned because in sort of term paper, research papers or thesis you need to give extra focus and attention to that part. Students of graduate level or at high school do get worried about different styles of references like of Harvard, APA style, MLA style, MHRA style or Numeric style etc. PapersInn is the plat form which provides you quality term papers and you can place your Order anytime.

Here are Examples:

Electronic discussion list
FAMILY NAME, INITIAL(S). Title of message. Date added. Discussion group title [online]. Year. [Date accessed]. Available from: URL

STUBBINGS, R. Diagnostic tests. 16 August. Lis-infoliteracy [online]. 2005. [Accessed 18 May 2009].
Eprint or preprint

FAMILY NAME, INITIAL(S). Title of article. Journal title, Year of publication, volume(issue number), page numbers. Prefix:Eprint number.

KLEINBLOCK, D. and G. MARGULIS. Flows of homogenous spaces and Diophantine approximation on manifolds. Annals of mathematics, 1998, 148(2), pp.339-360. ArXiv:math.NT/9810036.

E.U. COM documents
Title, COM (last 2 digits of the year) serial number, final.

Proposal for a Council directive establishing a European Guarantee Fund to promote cinema and television production, COM (95)546, final.

E.U. legislation
INSTITUTIONAL NAME (eg. European Commission or European Council) Form (Regulation, Directive or Decision) Number (including the year enacted, number and name of the treaty) date passed on title of legislation.

EUROPEAN COUNCIL Directive 98/83/EC of 3 November 1998 on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

Film or video
Title. Material designation. Subsidiary originator (director is preferred). Place of production: Production Company, Year.

Chicken run. Animated film. Directed by Peter LORD and Nick PARK. Bristol: Aardman, 2000.

Foreign Language Material
Reference the exact text used, in the same style as you would reference English language material.
FAMILY NAME, INITIAL(S). Title. Place of publication: Publisher, Year.

FOUCAULT, M. L’archéologie du savoir. Paris: NRF/Gallimard, 1980 .

Google Earth images

GOOGLE EARTH version (if applicable). Image details – location, co-ordinates, elevation. Data set (if applicable). [Date accessed]. Available from: URL. Year data released.

GOOGLE EARTH 5.0. 2009. Leeds University 53°48’28.60″N, 1°33’11.95″W, elev 63km. Clouds data layer. [Accessed 9 February 2009].

HANSARD (House). Date, column numbers.

HANSARD (Commons). 27 November 1986, columns 506-7

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So that’s all for today and keep reading posts and give your feed back.

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