Journalism Term Papers: Steps on How to Handle Them

Gloria Hamilton 21/06/12 12:06 PM

Students who have elected Journalism as their major subject, for them writing term papers on their subject is viewed as the most difficult task. The reason behind this is that the subject of journalism is too broad and extensive and when it comes to selection of a particular topic for term papers, this is where the students find themselves in trouble.

Students need to make up their mind about the area of study that which topic interests them the most and they think they would be able to produce their logical point of view on it. They can definitely take the help of their teachers and we would encourage them to do so.

The first thing you need to do is decide the topic and then carry out extensive and detailed research on it. Numerous sources are available to you but in this scenario the best choice would be to look through newspapers, magazines, books and journals as they contain more authentic and reliable piece of information. You can also make a rough draft of your term papers where you can include the main points of your term papers in a compressed form, which you can later elaborate and explain in depth in your paper. Bear in mind that the points in your outline are arranged in a proper order so that you do not get confused later on about where to position a particular point and where not.

The introduction of your journalism term papers would consist of a few fundamental elements. You will have to give a brief description of the topic of discussion of your term paper and specify to the reader in a clear and understandable language that what perspective of your subject you are planning to aim at through your term paper. Moreover you will further provide information about the latest research you carried out for the paper and what you would actually be discussing so that a reader gets a faint picture in his head that would impel him to read further on.

The main body of your journalism paper is what is supposed to be the most descriptive and lengthy section of your term papers. It would be further divided into sub-parts that would each be containing a different debate or discussion of an issue related to your journalism topic. Keep in mind that students are required to lay special emphasis on this step and have to ensure that they present it in a adequate way, by using logical statements and persuasive facts in the paragraphs. Your aim is to connect with the mind of your reader so that he gets an idea of what you are trying to convey to him. If you are unable to do so you are least likely to attain good grades on the paper. If the reader thinks that your points are confusing or misleading in any way then it would leave a bad impression and all your efforts would go to waste. They key to winning is to be logical, original and as relevant to the topic as you can be. The basic features of your body would include an interpretation of the primary concepts related to journalism. Moreover you will have to highlight the issue and discuss it in depth. You would further have to present an analysis of the research you carried out regarding the subject. Do not forget to site your sources and include references too otherwise it would lower down the quality of your paper drastically.

In the conclusion you will deliver your own explanation of the outcome of the research you carried out on the journalism topic. You will summarize the entire written material in a few words and list down the plus points and negative points that you extracted from them. You can even provide a few suggestions related to your issue. Just justify your stance that why you thought of a need to write about such a topic and what is your final opinion about it now. Follow these guidelines and you are all set to go!

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