How to write a Literature Review of your Term Paper?

Gloria Hamilton 08/12/10 11:30 AM

Before starting my article I want to ask that What is a Literature Review? This is the most important question when you are writing a term paper. So let me explain this first, literature review “surveys scholarly articles, books and other sources, such as dissertations and conference proceedings, which are relevant to a particular issue, area of research, or theory, providing a description, summary, and critical evaluation of each work”.

The primary purpose of the literature review, in simple words is to assist the student to indentify the theory, understand how the research was conducted, point out the real scope and findings of the research, understand the similarities with his/her own research and provide academic support in order to direct the student to take the proper steps in his/her own efforts to prepare a properly documented and researched dissertation.

You need to understand the importance of literature review and then make your proposal and do selection of topic. The Literature Review is an integral part of research publications that demonstrates how the work relates to existing knowledge. As the review of existing publications progresses, the researcher becomes more aware of “what questions are most relevant or pressing”. Literature Review also relates theory to practice and identifies tendency and developments within the subject area. Unlike Documentary research however, the Literature Review is typically driven by a general interest in a topic and not directed by a specific question. Subsequently, the Literature Review can be subject to personal theories, needs, and biases from the researcher.

Literature review is in my words a summary of information about current knowledge that I have obtained from different sources and that is relevant to the subject of my work. A literature review is a collection of recorded work that was created by researchers to interpret an existing literature. It can also been seen as an orderly, topic focused document that can be reproduced through a technique that can assess an existing literature. Literature review is used to establish a theoretical past of a research paper which is used to identify a ‘gap of knowledge’ between what is known and what is not known. It is used to analyze previous information from the past work to ascertain how it relates to a particular study. The outcome of the research helps to form opinion of authenticity of the related study. The conclusion derived from this research helps to criticize the previous work done or further the research.

Literature review is essentially concerned with providing a working knowledge contextual framework for the topic or hypothesis under investigation. It is making a study of previously published work that should reflect how a researcher’s work relates to others who have preceded them.

So that’s all about the literature review and I am sure you are clear enough to write a literature review of your desired paper.

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