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Gloria Hamilton 16/11/11 1:28 PM

Since marketing is a vast field of study and has a great amount of knowledge, students usually find it troublesome to write marketing term papers. Majority of the students tend to take days off from school and stay at home when they have to work on a marketing term paper. This is because students do not learn as much as they are required to write regarding marketing. Therefore, they decide to have holidays to look for matter for their marketing term paper.

For the most part, students do not grasp much information and knowledge required to write outstanding marketing term papers. This in turn leads them to plagiarism or nowadays writing services because of such advancements in technology.

The former alternative is not admissible at all. The latter one is, however, acceptable as long as the company you approach has a great amount of information and intelligent writers. At PapersInn, we assure you of the quality of written papers and that too at the lowest price available. Hence, ordering customized term papers from us is highly recommended. Do not believe us? Try it for yourself!

Basic Components of a Marketing Term Paper

Many students are not aware of the different parts which make up a good marketing term paper. We suggest you to go through each of these parts and know the guidelines of writing them. While on the subject, a marketing term paper should at least be 8-10 pages long and the text should be broken down into shorts paragraphs or sections. For example:

• Title page
The title page of a marketing term paper ought to have your name along with your instructor’s. Also, add all the other details which you think should be there on the title page of a term paper.

• Outline/ Table of Contents
In this section of your paper, you will define the parts you will talk about in your entire paper so that the reader gets a clear idea about the nature of your paper.

• Bibliography
The bibliography of the term paper should include all the sources you have used for gathering the information for your particular paper.

Choice of Area

As mentioned above, marketing world is huge! For this reason you will have to be specific about your topic and choose one aspect of marketing to discuss in your paper. You can choose from a variety of areas including internet marketing, nontraditional marketing, service marketing, sales, distribution, brand management, packaging, consumer behavior, public relations, global marketing, pricing, etc.

Important Sources for Information

• Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs by Brian Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, and David Meerman Scott

• Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

• Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior by Ori Brafman and Rom Brafman

• No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies by Naomi Klei
• Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness by Jeffrey Gitomer

• Sites on general marketing: Building Brands, Marketing Source, Promotion World, Small Office, The Cincinnati Network, MarcommWise, Performance Source, Volition for Marketing and others

Try it for yourself!

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