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When you are making your term paper you need to keep in mind some points related to styles and these are essential and very important for your term paper article. In this post I have decided to give some tips about various forms of styles and I am sure students will get benefit from that.

The MHRA style is usually used in humanities subjects like arts, history or languages. It is defined by the Modern Humanities Research Association. The details below explain how to cite and reference information using the MHRA footnotes and bibliography system.
Examples are given below for guidance.
General Notes

• Authors and editors. For any item you are citing only give the names of up to 3 authors or editors in full. For works by more than 3 authors or editors the name of only the first should be given, followed by and others.

• First author. The name of the first author should be inverted in references within your bibliography (that is surname first), but not in references appearing in your footnotes.

• First footnote. The first time that you make reference to an item within your footnotes, you should use the same format as that used for the reference to the item in your bibliography, except that you should not invert the name of the first author and you should include specific page references.

• Later footnotes. These should be abbreviated to the shortest intelligible form (see the examples below).

• Page numbers. Where page numbers are given the abbreviations p. for one page and pp. for a range are used. However, when a volume number either immediately or closely precedes the page numbers, the abbreviation can be omitted and just the pages themselves given.

• Editors and editions. Use the abbreviation ed. or eds, and to denote editions, edn.

• Full point. Use a full point (or full stop) at the end of a reference in a footnote, but not after each item in your bibliography. Use a full point after abbreviated forms of words, except where the last letter is the same as the last letter of the full word (including s).

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