Interpreting the MLA Term Paper Format

Gloria Hamilton 22/11/11 11:46 AM

One of the styles that is incorporated a lot and is very popular in the world of academic research papers is the MLA style of documentation. All students, regardless of the subject they are majoring in, are required to incorporate the MLA style, at least once, in their term paper writing assignment during their academic life. As a matter of fact, students with language and/or literature as their major use it the most while writing term papers.

The MLA, Modern language Association of America, promoted this style in consideration of the particular conditions put up by some subjects like humanities and literature to name two. However, it is largely broad and provides its users a number of ways when it comes to formatting.

All in all, the MLA term paper format is not difficult at all and there are certain factors which one should take into consideration when writing term papers according to the requirements of this style:

It is of great importance to get yourself well acquainted with the guidelines when writing an MLA term paper. Many rules of this formatting style are adaptable and flexible. For this reason, instructors can assign any MLA term papers format option according to their preferences. If you notice any particular alteration in your question paper regarding the format, then it is necessary that you follow it in order to get awarded with a high grade. Listed below are some of the main rules which you are required to adhere to when formatting your paper as per the instruction of this style:

1. The Tile Page has to be a Part of the Term Paper:
You are not allowed to detach the title page from your term paper writing assignment. In fact, it belongs to the first page of the term papers and should be given quarter of the page. The top left corner ought to be occupied with the name of the writer and instructor, course title and the date on which the assignment was due. Whereas, the right hand corner should have the last name of the writer and the page number. Make sure the title of your paper is centrally aligned and should be typed ‘two spaces’ underneath the last sentence of the information you have written at the top.

2. Citation of Sources should be Between the Text:
When writing as per as per the MLA format, it is mandatory to quote the source while writing the text and not separately. In this (author, page) format, the last name of the author should be stated and the page stands for the page number. Furthermore, there should be a separate portion entitled to bibliography which you are required to start from a new, fresh page. The portion of bibliography should have a heading of ‘Works Cited’ and the information should be arranged in an alphabetical order of the surnames of the authors.

3. Fonts, Margins and Spacing should be taken care of:
While writing the MLA term paper, one has to make use of formal fonts like Arial or Times New Roman to name two. The font size should not be bigger than 10-12pt, the document should be double spaced and all the four sides of the page should have a margin of an inch. Do not forget that the purpose of formatting is to make your paper legible and understandable. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you double space at all time refrain from fancy fonts.

We recommend you to proofread your term paper a multiple of times before giving it in. If you think you are not capable of writing an MLA term paper, then worry not! Contact us as soon as possible to get the burden off your shoulders and feel free to order term papers! We are here to help you through writing your term papers, research papers and essays 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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