Of Research Papers and References

Gloria Hamilton 22/03/12 12:51 PM

Research and references are two things which play a pivotal role when it comes to writing effective research papers. In order to write good papers, it is essential that you do the proper research. Once you are done with the research, citation and incorporation of references is also a must. You might not have known this but essay writing is incomplete without references and your essays are assessed on the basis of proper references and the way you mention them.

Do you really think you would be able to yield quality research papers if you do not refer to work of other intellectuals? That is simply impossible! Hence, this is why references are a must when writing term papers. Referencing can be defined as writings of other individuals which you can use in your paper but you have to mention where you took it from and do it correctly too.

It is crucial that when you writing about something, you also give a reference of a writing which relates to what you have written otherwise there is no point of adding references. There are copious numbers of students who commit this mistake and, therefore, end up getting a poor grade.

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that the style of referencing in your research papers should always be in accordance with the style allowed by your institution. If not, then you will get yourself in trouble and lose those important marks which you badly need to pass the semester.

Another reason of adding references in your research papers is to add the element of authenticity in your content. Both your audience and professor would be interested in finding out the source where your writing is originating from. They will also be counting on you to give them the precise facts and figures. So, you should never ever fabricate anything on your own. Always write properly after researching thoroughly.

In addition, you can always browse on the internet to hunt for references and other useful information which pertains to the topic of your research papers. The best thing about information available online is that it is free of cost, it is up to date and last but not the least, it is supplied by a massive number of individuals. Furthermore, when you use the internet, you need not pay frequent visits to the library but you can easily get access to all the information while sitting at home.

Lastly, stay away from plagiarism at all times when working on your research papers. Attempting plagiarism can admittedly get you in real trouble so one honest word of advice for you would be to avoid it!

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