What is the Worth of Online Business Career in Student’s life?

Gloria Hamilton 28/12/10 11:21 AM

This is the era of globalization and more and more new careers are coming. So today I have decided to write term paper about some new career and its scope. So I have opted online business career perspective. Internet has provided various ways to trade online .There are several complexities which have been reduced with the necessary technology advancements. Electronic business has raised the comfort standards of financial transactions.It has not only proved beneficial to organizations but also to the general public. People pay their utility bills, mobile bills ,university fees and various other expenses over the internet .Shopping online has been an enhancement in the luxury sector .Several shopping websites have been launched which provide the facility to shop online and pay via credit card.

This is the best option to write about because most of the students are not familiar with it. However security issues are still an apprehensive department .the network has to fulfill all security requirements. This prevents the credit card number or any other secure detail to be tracked down. It ensures the safe process of a financial transaction.

Universities have designed appropriate academic curriculum for students. Courses such as computer networks, data communication. Databases, electronic commerce and network programming are offered in the program hierarchy .Students takes elective courses such as electronic business, online marketing and designing systems to construct their career in this field. Web designing is also an academic selection which helps students in structuring and maintaining corporate sites.

There are tremendous job opportunities and career possibilities in this field. A qualified graduate can even start his own consultancy business. In this case all the dealings and transactions take place over the internet .therefore a graduate degree in this field would be quite advantageous. There is a hierarchy of qualifications in this technology oriented business sector .After completing a bachelor’s degree students apply for a master’s degree and a post doctorate qualification.

That’s all for today and I am sure you have learned a lot from it.

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