Making a Paper on American Politics; Focusing Constitution

Gloria Hamilton 29/10/10 11:06 AM

The basic step of writing for any type of term paper is to make the intro strong in nature. So you have to first write an intro and this requires some creative skills of writing because it needs to be different from rest of the term paper. Today you will learn some tips which are helpful for making any political papers and I am sure it will be productive for students at college and university level. Now let’s start this by giving a powerful introduction. The United States Constitution is regarded as the ultimate law followed in American judiciary. The Constitution forms the core basis of all legal authority of the Federal Government of United States as it provides the fundamental framework of US governmental organization.

The Constitution document clearly defines three government branches. First, the legislative branch comprising of a two chambered congress, second, an executive branch governed by the President and third, a judicial branch led by the Supreme Court. The Constitution also defines the powers of each of these organizational branches and the level of power each can exercise. It also acknowledges certain rights of individual states and accordingly forms the US federal system of government. The US Constitution is the oldest as well as shortest constitution written for a major independent state.

You need to add some additional information related to the topic to make your paper worth full and catchy. The US Constitution had been adopted in 1787 in Philadelphia by the Constitutional Congress and later rectified by each state convention under the name “The People”. Up till now the Constitution has been modified 27 times. The Bill of Rights refers to the first 10 amendments. The first Constitution of the United States was in fact the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union that was replaced by the current United States Constitution once it was rectified by nine states as the central governing document.

I would like to suggest that students should take interest in such type of topics because they have wide space to make a research and analysis can be strong enough as this is the vast field. The United States Constitution has a pivotal role in both political and law culture. The hand written version or the engrossed version had been originally penned by Jacob Shallus and is currently on display in Records Administration. So by concluding your paper you can add some references and interviews (if any) at the end of your term paper.
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