The American Institute of Physics (AIP) Style in Term Papers

Gloria Hamilton 24/03/11 12:14 PM

When you are making your term paper you need to keep in mind some points related to styles and these are essential and very important for your term paper article. In this post I have decided to give some tips about various forms of styles and I am sure students will get benefit from that.

The AIP style was developed by the American Institute of Physics and is the style in most physics journals. The references are numbered in the text itself and later in the reference list at the end. The reference to a source is given with the help of a superscript typically after the text (like 1,2,3 ). The references are numbered in a sequence by the order they appear in the essay or article. All the references and supplementary information is presented at the end of an article.

The authors in the references are indicated with the use of their initials which is accompanied by the last name of the author. In case a reference has more than four authors, only the first author needs to be mentioned and followed by et al. A reference number in the paper should never be put alongside an equation or symbol. This is because it may cause confusion whether the number represents a reference or a power. Abbreviation is important when adding the journal title. Do not include words like “of” and “the.” Some common abbreviations used are Journal (J.), Letters (Lett.), Review (Rev.), American (Am.), Scientific or Science (Sci.) and Physics (Phys.). For instance, “American Physics Journal” will be abbreviated to “Am. J. Phys.” Below is a list of citing methods which describe how each kind of source should be cited:

1. Journal Articles: Mention the Author(s) name, the Journal Name with proper abbreviation, Volume No. (In Bold), the starting Page No. followed by the year of publication in brackets. An example is given below:

Z.A. White, Am. J. Phys. 52, 28 (2003)

2. Books: To refer to text in a book on pages 155-180 from the author Jackson, the reference would be like this:

1M.F. Jackson and J.W. Jewett, Manual for Scientists and Engineers, 4th Ed. (Prentice Hall, NY, 2000), pp. 155-180.

3. Unpublished Handout and Discussions: According to the American Institute of Physics, an author should prefer not to add references to unpublished material. Even so of you must refer to a document, handout or discussion that hasn’t been published yet, you can follow the example below:

1J.B. Hawthorne, Radioactivity and Ionizing Radiation, Amherst College Lab Handout
2M.D. James, (Private Communication).

4. Website Resource: The AIP style manual was originally published in 1990 when the power of WWW didn’t exist. As such, there are no formal rules stipulating how a website document may be referred. However, the important thing is to add the full URL of the document. A format similar to the one below may be used:

1C.J., Discovering Nanoparticles, WWW Document

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