Planning & Note Taking Methods

Gloria Hamilton 28/09/11 12:08 PM

Hi Guys, if you are assigned to write term papers than this is a good and informative post for you. Reading this will let you understand the ways of taking notes for your term paper writing. Many students think that it is very easy to go on internet and search for what they want, but they don’t realize whether the content they are getting is authentic or not. They just consider the material right for there topic and complete their task for submission. Later, when they get bad results then they get to know the mistake they did in their paper. Always remember effective summarization increases the student’s learning ability. Students who can effectively summarize learn how to do deductive reasoning about information; this skill includes information analysis, key identification concept, and defining extraneous information.

Planning of term papers well is the most first and very important step a student should take. You should decide the sources of information first that you will be using for gathering information for your term paper. You should know how to do a balance between the ideas you have got from other information sources and your own ideas. One thing that you can do to establish the boundaries between your and those of your sources ideas is to write down an ideal outline for your term paper, or you can come up with a fascinating thesis statement that concisely explains an argument about the information you have found.

An effective way of preparing your term papers is taking good authentic notes from all the different sources. But remember you don’t get good grades for taking lots of notes. You get better grades by finding authentic content and answering questions better. On the other side, improper notes can cause many problems that may include improper citations and misquotations. In order to avoid such confusion about your sources, try using different font colors for each of them, and make sure you clearly distinguish your own ideas from those you found from some other sources. It is also good to make a habit of marking page numbers, and make sure that you record, references, bibliographic information or web addresses for every source right away because finding the sources links again later when you are trying to finish your term paper, can waste your time. Here you can read three alternatives that provide greater flexibility.

Index cards: when researching on topic of your term paper, research paper or thesis, the better way of note taking is to jot down each and every fact, quotation, ideas on an individual index card. Perhaps, Small cards are the easiest way to work with. After gathering information on different index cards than gather all index cards together and positions them into the best order so that you can obtain an outline for your term paper.

The circle method: if adapting this method, you need to get your thoughts onto one page, where you will observe them all together. You should jot down the thoughts and then put it into a circle. You have to make links with the circle when you have a thought that supports another thought, you should do the same. The benefit of the circle technique is you can easily see how all the concepts link together. We can relate this with brainstorming.

Computer and internet: using computer for note making is really a good option only if you don’t worry of being tied to sit in front of the computer from the beginning of the writing process till the end. Using computer, you can benefit from “outline view” in Word that makes it much easier to organize according to your outline.

So you see Taking relevant authentic notes for the main body content of your term paper is tough. It is not as much easier as it sounds. There are so many writing companies who claims to provide you plagiarism free original term papers or other papers, but do not provide what they claim for. Our writing department has professional writers who provide you 100% original, written from scratch term papers. If you want our writers to write your custom term paper, than feel free to order term papers.

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