Productive Study Habits

Gloria Hamilton 23/04/12 1:00 PM

In order to achieve and maintain a high GPA, it is essential to adopt study habits which will give you the desired results. Another advantage of effective study habits is that they facilitate in storage of information in your mind on a long term basis which you can use later when required.

There are some rules of studying stated below which you should apply to attain brilliant grades in school.


1. Always try to keep your study table free from all the clutter and choose a quiet corner to study. If you are finding it hard to study, then try going to the local library as it is the ideal place to concentrate and study in a peaceful environment. Also, you can also listen to music while you are studying to make studying fun.
2. It is substantial to have a scheduled study time for every day of school you attend. Never forget that one hour spent in a classroom should be followed by two hours of reinforcement at home.
3. Always take a break after studying for 45 minutes. Also, have goals which you can accomplish like studying for the set duration of time. This will motivate you more towards your studies.
4. If you meet a goal for a study session, then make it a must to reward yourself. For instance, if your goal was to complete two chapters in one study session and you did so, then give yourself a reward by doing something you like.
5. Always compare your textbook and the lectures you took down in class. By doing so, you will be able to learn any other additional information that you did not or could not in class.
6. While studying, jot down questions which you can ask your professor in the next class. This will help you cover areas which you are not able to grasp.
7. Whatever new word or concepts you learn, always try using them whenever the circumstances allow you to. As the more you practice, the better you get and this rule especially helps a lot when learning a new language.
8. Lastly, before you hit the sack, skim through whatever you had studied in the evening one more time. You will see that you will remember every word you studied the night before.

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