Choosing a Subject and Writing the Proposal For Term paper, Research papers Or for Dissertation

Gloria Hamilton 11/11/10 2:23 PM

There is no doubt that choosing the right subject is a difficult task. The purpose of writing this article is to provide sufficient information to students so that they can choose right topic for term paper or for any category. The following criteria might help you in selecting the right one:

The subject needs to be within your capabilities
Evaluate what you can do and what you can’t. Weigh both your level of knowledge and the time that you have at your disposal. Be frank about that and allow for more time than you think you need for each and every activity.

The subject needs to have sufficient scope

There are strict requirements for a Masters level project so always remember your end task.

The subject needs to interest you
Don’t force yourself to undertake a project that does not interest you just because you believe it fits with the requirements and might impress the instructor. The project is a lengthy operation and not one that you might finish and get through in a short period of time. You are liable to get bored or frustrated with a lengthy and uninteresting project and then you might not be able to complete it.

The subject needs to have a serious purpose
The outcome of the project should be meaningful in that it provides a certain level of scholarly contribution to the community of its readers. The readers of the dissertation should acknowledge that they gained something by spending time reading and/or evaluating it.

The subject needs to have a clear outcome
A proposal should declare what it is going to do; that is, what question it is going to answer, or what hypothesis it is going to investigate. A clear presentation of results answering the research question, or confirming or refuting the hypothesis, should be given at the end of the research.

The project needs to be related to your Masters/Graduate Programme
Your paper is expected to demonstrate that you can apply to your chosen subject a part of the knowledge you have learned on your Masters/Graduate Degree. You should therefore choose a subject that is related to a topic you have studied. If you are on one of the specialist tracks of your Masters Programme, then the subject should also be relevant to your track.

The resources and access required for the project are available or can be obtained
You should make a careful and realistic evaluation of the resources (time, locations, access to information or individuals who will contribute data) that are needed to conduct your research. Part of the assessment of your proposal is how feasible your instructor believes your chosen subject is. Avoid choosing a subject which you have little chance of completing due to lack of resources or access.

You can always achieve good grades if you have been following above mentioned tips and try to make most out of them.

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