Academic Publishing in Different Disciplines

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The significant portion of scientific research is first published in scientific journals and is considered to be a primary source. Secondary sources in scientific fields are based on articles in review journals (which intend to provide an accumulated source of information on a topic and highlights new advances and research) as well as books. Tertiary sources are based upon encyclopedias and other relating works which are intended for the masses.
A partial exception to the standards of scientific publication practices can be seen in many fields of applied science more so in computer science research in the US than any were else where academic conferences are considered the most important sites of publication.
Academic Publishing in the Social Sciences
Academic Publishing in the fields of social sciences varies greatly between each other. Fields like economics have highly quantitative standards of publication similar to those of natural sciences. In other cases such as in anthropology and sociology, the emphasis is placed in field work, first-hand observation reporting and quantitative work. Certain sub-fields in the social sciences like demographics and public health have substantial “shared interests” with other fields including medicine and law.
Academic Publishing in the Humanities

Academic publishing involving the Humanities is in essence similar to publishing in other subjects. A variety of journals, covering things from highly specialized to those of general interests are published. Scholarly publishing requirements in the humanities have sparked controversy. In many fields like history and literature, institutions require for prospective tenures a significant of published articles. To get professorship tenure, a published or a forthcoming book is typically a must. Many critics believe that this system has emerged without careful considerations of the consequences.

Distribution and Financial Aspects of Open Access Journals

One rival to this form of subscription model is open access journals. This model is also called “paid on behalf of the author” and also as “author-pays” where publications charge has been paid by the author, university, or the sponsoring agency. One an authors commits to the open access community, he basically does away with all the financial, technical, as well as legal hindrances that are designed to prevent and limit access to academic publications to paying customers.

This model is often criticized, among other things, on its financial viability since the required publication fees have been higher than what was previously projected. However, in the last two years it has been shown that open access journals are successful in some cases at least, and some can even be financially acceptable without any external funding. Even so, it remains largely unclear where this model can be applied to all other academic journals.

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