Research Paper on Abortion

Gloria Hamilton 29/07/10 9:58 AM

Abortion is one of the most debatable and disputable concern of the history and perhaps will be for the next. To put it straightforwardly, abortion is the removal or expulsion of the unborn child. An abortion could occur due to complications, such as miscarriages, whereas there are cases where abortions are self-inflicted.

A research paper is a comprehensive written report obligatory for a student during an educational term, to carry out research into a topic and write an explanation and evaluation of the conclusions of that research. A research paper on abortion could be a part of religion, sociology or medicine class, and may add to a great extent to your final grade.

Like in every research paper you should begin by conducting preliminary research and sketching an outline for your essay. You should develop a thesis statement that briefly state what aspect of abortion you are going to write on, for example it could be your personal opinion on the topic. Your thesis statement should be based on a specific aspect of abortion, therefore make certain that you have enough information and research material to write in light of your thesis statement.

Once you have prepared your thesis statement, you should start researching and organizing the collected information. Browse through websites, go through medical journals, government statistics, look through magazines, books and lectures or interview doctors to acquire a hands-on perspective. But take care that you don’t falter into other areas, try and keep the information pertinent and in line with the research.

Normally essays like research papers on abortion start off by providing facts and statistics in a particular society or country. This is specifically done to captivate the reader from the beginning, as statistics with varying parameters create interest and curiosity. You may also use these facts and numbers to highlight the prevalence of abortions despite the awareness and education. You may also target audience with questions regarding their opinions on abortions.

You could give different directions to your research paper on abortion. For example, you could talk about the medical and surgical issues throughout an abortion or you could raise ethical and social question regarding its moral implications on individual and society, as a whole. Now whichever direction you give to your research paper on abortion, you have to come up with solid points and argue your case comprehensively to either prove your case or make it an eye-opener to your target audience.

Whatever course you select, give related, trustworthy and detailed research, fact and statistics and evidence verified by references and citations. In the end make sure that you communicate your research paper on abortion comprehensively in light of your thesis statement and do not lose direction, as it reveals your investigative and composition skills.

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